Living with Memory Loss, Alzheimer’s & Mild Cognitive Impairment

Loss of memory can influence us with greater frequency, as we get older. A certain amount of memory loss that awaits us. But there is a big difference between normal forgetfulness that comes with aging, and debilitating mental illness such as Alzheimer's disease.

Most people forget where they put their keys from time to time, or the name of a recent knowledge. These minor lapses in memory are normal and can be, to some extent related age.

But age-related memory loss does not prevent you from living a full life. People with memory loss due to conditions more severe than normal memory loss above, we find that loss of memory is actually interfere with their ability to do their life, and normally affects their quality of life.

With the normal loss of memory of the victims often have an attitude of good-natured about it, and can even joke about their inability to remember. People with the most serious problems of memory can be killing that something is not right and can actually try to hide their symptoms.

Age-related memory loss usually remains quite stable after its first appearance, unlike the memory loss associated with Alzheimer's disease, which tends to worsen over time.

Some other signs of Alzheimer's disease may include asking the same question several times after receiving an initial response; The misuse of words; Failure to follow a recipe, or other measures for the completion of a task; By becoming lost during the driving or walking on familiar roads. In addition, sudden mood or behavior changes without apparent reason, it may signal that something is not right.

It is important to seek medical attention quickly if you experience any of these symptoms. These symptoms can be indicative of conditions other than Alzheimer's disease; Conditions that are reversible and curable if diagnosed early. Even as Alzheimer's, responds to some treatments and the prognosis is better for those who seek medical treatment for the disease, those who do not.

Among the normal experience of forgetfulness that comes with aging and Alzheimer's disease is a transitional phase called Mild Cognitive Impairment MCI.

While MCI may affect many areas of cognition or thinking. Researchers find memory that strikes more often. The number of people with MCI generally not over 65 with dementia population is not known, but some believe that may reach 20%.

Again, as with Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, which goes beyond the normal range, may signal of MCI. The criteria for the diagnosis of amnesia MCI are similar to Alzheimer's disease, as not serious, and with the absence of dementia.

So, what can be done to prevent loss of memory and keep your mind strong? Below are some of the things that are shown to help keep your wits about you:

Stimulating activities: O, which is a mentally demanding job or acquire new skills, like learning to play a musical instrument.

Stay physically fit: Research shows that the increase of physical activity is related to lower the mental decline. Exercise also helps us feel more energetic and alert.

Healthy Eating: a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and lower in fat and carbohydrates empty provide us with antioxidants that can help prevent cholesterol from damaging the inner lining of our arteries, slowing the flow of blood to our brains.

Drink alcohol in moderation: People who drink heavily for years can experience and permanent brain damage are at higher risk for dementia than non-drinkers and those who drink moderately.

Good integration: Some herbs along with vitamins B12 and vitamin C have recently been shown to be effective in promoting mental health and proper functioning. It is important to be sure that you get the correct dosage and concentration when using vitamins. This is sometimes easier said than done.

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